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Dublin, 1956 it’s been years since World War II ended, but the scars of the war will remain forever.  Mary Kate Ryan is grieving from recent heartbreak and she feels as if her life has no purpose.  When her friend Moira Kent, persuades Mary to reopen the Irish Boarding House.  Mary Kate was once in need of what the boarding house offered as a safe place for single ladies during the war and now years later she needs it again.  Mary Kate, Moira and Abby, Moira’s ten year old adopted daughter, restore and reopen the boarding house.  Moira and Abby have been family to Mary Kate and she desperately needs them in her life.  So, when information surface’s about Abby’s birth mother, Mary Kate and Moira must do everything possible to keep Abby from being taken from Moira.  They band together, including others working and living at the boarding house, to keep Abby with Moira while at the same time keeping the boarding house running to protect those that seek refuge.

Return to the Irish Boarding House written by Sandy Taylor is a wonderful and heart-warming story.  Taylor does an amazing job of reminding us that it’s never too late to return to your roots and still make a difference in someone’s life.  This story had me tearing up as I flipped through the pages.  I had to keep the Kleenex box near by as I read faster and faster.  The characters in this story were so beautiful and I felt as if they were family members.  I loved this installment to The Irish Boarding House series and the author left no stone unturned.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful series.  This story is inspiring, powerful and filled my heart with love.  I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Sandy Taylor 
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: May 13, 2024 
Pages: 343 
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Mary Kate takes a deep breath as she stands outside 24 Merrion Square with its red front door and pretty rose garden. Grieving from her recent heartbreak, will returning to the Irish boarding house be the second chance she so desperately needs?

Dublin, 1956. When Mary Kate Ryan loses the love of her life, she’s not sure how she can keep going. Feeling completely lost, she allows her friend Moira Kent to persuade her to re-open the Boarding House for Single Ladies where she made so many memories and created a safe place for women who needed it. Now it’s Mary Kate who needs to start over…

As Mary Kate sits by the large bay window, with her little dog Guinness by her feet, she watches the residents of the house coming and going and realises there are others who need her help. Can Mary Kate and Moira uncover the mystery surrounding their new guest? And can they provide a home for two orphan sisters with nowhere to go?

Soon Mary Kate breathes new life into the boarding house and learns that family can be formed in all sorts of ways. Clever, kind Moira is like the sister she never had and Moira’s sweet, adopted ten-year-old daughter Abby means the world to both of them. And being back in Merrion Square brings Mary Kate the kind of laughter and joy that she never dreamed she’d experience again.

But when a devastating secret about Abby’s birth mother begins to unravel, it threatens to destroy the happiness of her patchwork family. Mary Kate must gather her strength to protect the future of the boarding house – 
and to stop darling Abby being taken from them. 

Can Mary Kate keep the friends who have become her family safe? Or will her new-found happiness be torn apart?


Sandy Taylor grew up on a council estate near Brighton. There were no books in the house, so Sandy’s love of the written word was nurtured in the little local library. Leaving school at fifteen, Sandy worked in a series of factories before landing a job at Butlins in Minehead. This career change led her to becoming a singer, a stand up comic and eventually a playwright and novelist.

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