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Emilie and Danner were childhood friends, along with Otto, Felix and  Gerty.  They played in the streets of Munich, growing up in the same neighborhood.  Emilie and Danner were the very best of friends and knew that they would grow up and get married.  But when the war started, Danner had to move to Poland with his family.  He was the only one in the circle of friends that was Jewish.  Emilie and her husband Otto move from Munich to Dachau.  Emilie is a nurse to her husband Otto, a doctor.  They have a job at the Dachau prison camp, she is told that it is for research, and that all the prisoners are criminals. Emilie soon discovers that isn’t the case.  Her husband is lying to her.  And when Emilie recognizes one of the prisoners is a childhood friend of her’s named Danner, she knows for sure they aren’t there for research and the prison isn’t used to house criminals.  She remembers Danner to be one of the kindest people she knows.  When Otto tries to convince Emilie that they are actually there to murder the prisoners or they themselves will be killed.  Emilie has to find a way to escape the horrible place, but she will not leave without saving Danner.

The Nurse Behind the Gates is an amazing and heartbreaking historical fiction written by Shari J. Ryan.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, though it had me in tears for majority of the story.  I wanted to read this in one sitting but it was too hard for me…I had to stop to take a breath.  This emotional read is necessary to remind us of the horrible time of World War II, and the resolve of those that survived.  I enjoyed this story very much, keep tissues near by because you will definitely need them.  Ryan is amazing in her writing style, rich research and pulling the reader into the story, making you feel like it’s happening right before your eyes.  I enjoyed this story very much and I highly recommend it.  


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author: Shari J. Ryan 
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: May 20, 2024
Pages: 420 
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Dachau, 1942. Emilie has been told she’s here to nurse evil men. But the first patient she sees in the cold, dark room is hauntingly familiar. Her first love is not wicked. He couldn’t be. What is he doing here?

Emilie’s heart stops as she takes in her childhood sweetheart hunched in a tattered prisoner’s uniform, the light lost from his face. Her new husband, Otto, said this was a camp for criminals. He should know, he’s the doctor. But Danner would never have broken the law.

As she looks into Danner’s beautiful brown eyes, she's transported back to their happy childhood in Munich. The friendship they shared. The way her heart once felt like it beat only for him. Before the Jewish laws were enforced and Danner pushed Emilie away to protect her, breaking her heart.

Now, Emilie rushes to find Otto, desperate for answers. But when she discovers him waiting with confidentiality papers for her to sign, she realizes her husband has been lying. This isn’t a place to treat sick criminals, but to murder the innocent. And Otto tells her if she doesn’t help, they'll both die.

Her hands shake as she receives her instructions. But as she rushes back to the sickbay, searching for a way to escape, her gaze lands on Danner once more. In his eyes, she can see something that almost looks like hope…


Shari J. Ryan is a USA Today Bestselling Historical Fiction writer. Her desire to write stories revolving Jewish livelihood during World War II stems from being a descendant of two Holocaust survivors. After the passing of Shari’s grandmother, she pursued an active interest in learning more about the inherited stories she yearned to understand better.

Shortly after earning a bachelors degree from Johnson & Wales University, Shari began her career as a graphic artist and freelance writer. She then found her passion for writing books in 2012. In 2016, Shari began writing her first Historical Fiction novel, Last Words, a story about a lifelong journey through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor. With two character related books to follow, Shari quickly found a new passion to share untold World War II stories within a fictional setting. 

Shari is a lifelong New England girl who lives to make people laugh. She is happily married with two wonderful sons and a spunky Australian Shepard, who fits right in with the family. 

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