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Josie Wills puts her dreams on hold when her father unexpectedly passes away due to a heart attack.  She returns home to take care of her teenage brother Nick who is on the autism spectrum.  She loves her brother very much, and will do anything for him.  She also leaves behind her first love, Julian Russell to take care of Nick.  Her first job is waiting tables and living paycheck to paycheck, barely able to make ends meet.  Josie comes across an advertisement for a mathematics competition and convinces Nick to enroll in the competition.  The winner of the competition gets a full paid college scholarship. When Nick is accepted into the competition, Josie doesn’t think twice about dropping everything and taking him to the competition.  With excitement in their hearts, they make the journey from their small Tennessee town, to the beautiful and breathtaking Rosemary Beach, located on the sparkling Gulf Coast.  While they explore the area, what she never expected is to find is Julian.  When she unexpectedly uncovers a mystery, once again her life changes, but this time, it’s forever.

Oh my goodness, I almost don’t know where to begin with this phenomenal story.  First of all, I absolutely adore every person in this story. Jenny Hale pens an incredibly amazing story of love, loss, family, friendship and new beginnings.  I felt as if the characters were close family members and my heart broke when their heart broke.  I felt compassion for them and cheered them on at the same time.  The plot twist and turns were a perfect storyline and kept me flying through pages, making this book unputdownable.  This book transported me to Rosemary Beach on the Gulf Coast and I am now looking to vacation there.  It sounds so beautiful, that I have to see it for myself.  This is definitely my most favorite story that Jenny Hale has written….well, at least for now, until she writes her next story and then that one will be my favorite I’m sure.  I absolutely loved everything about this story.  Do not wait to read this one!!  I highly recommend this amazing ten star read. 




Author:  Jenny Hale
Publisher:  Harpeth Road Press
Publication Date: April 30, 2024
Pages: 288
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After the loss of her single father, Josie Wills gives up her dreams and returns home to take care of her autistic teenage brother Nick. But she doesn’t just leave her dreams behind; she has to leave her first real love Julian Russell.

Having been the mother figure for Nick his entire life, stepping into the role of parent comes easily for Josie. She adores Nick, and taking care of him makes her feel closer to her mother who never had the chance to see them grow up. For the last three years, Josie has gladly carried the torch and picked up where her mother left off. Although supporting Nick in their small mountain town on a waitress’s salary isn’t as easy.

Willing to put all her faith in her brother’s incredible skills, Josie sells everything they have, to enroll him in a mathematics competition. The two make the journey from their Tennessee town to the upscale world of Rosemary Beach. The stunning, serene coastal town along the Gulf Coast is full of caf├ęs, bicycles, and cobbled streets. What she doesn’t expect is to find Julian.

But Julian isn’t the only surprise that summer. Josie will soon find out exactly how far love can stretch when she uncovers a mystery that will change her life and the lives of those around her forever.


Jenny Hale is a USA Today, Amazon, and international bestselling author of romantic contemporary fiction. Her books have sold worldwide, have been translated into multiple languages, and adapted for television. Her novels Coming Home for Christmas and Movie Guide Epiphany Award winner Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses are Hallmark Channel original movies. She was included in Oprah Magazine’s “19 Dreamy Summer Romances to Whisk You Away” and both Southern Living’s “30 Christmas Novels to Start Reading Now” as well as “Beach Reads Perfect for Summer 2020.” Her stories are chock-full of feel-good romance and overflowing with warm settings, great friends, and family. Jenny is at work on her next novel, delighted to be bringing even more heartwarming stories to her readers. When she isn’t writing, or heading up her romantic fiction imprint Harpeth Road, she can be found running around her hometown of Nashville with her husband, two boys, and their labradoodle, taking pictures—her favorite pastime.

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